Fabric boutique

Change, a New Life, a New Blog.

Fabric boutique

After nearly 7 years creating and running my beautiful little fabric and quilt boutique, Quiltopia!Design, I am about to embark on a new and challenging adventure of discovery in Changzhou, China.

Building my business was a huge, exciting, terrifying, rewarding, and very different experience for me. It involved a transformation from English language teacher to business woman. I am handing on my little business now and returning to my former ESL profession. One can never really know where life will lead.¬†Fabric boutiqueI closed my fabric boutique in March this year and moved all my stock and fittings into my home studio, having made a plan to move out of the business at the end of this year around November. The power of planning is great! I have what looks like an amazing job teaching English in China, starting 1st November! Lots of preparation to do before then, and this is the start of my new non-business blog, Silk Road Life. Fabric had to be included in the title somewhere – I’m just not ready to give it up altogether.

You will find me here if you’d like to¬†follow and read my news and ramblings, Ann.

Bali Sunset Quilt, Ann Ferguson

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