Fabric boutique

Change, a New Life, a New Blog.

Fabric boutique

After nearly 7 years creating and running my beautiful little fabric and quilt boutique, Quiltopia!Design, I am about to embark on a new and challenging adventure of discovery in Changzhou, China.

Building my business was a huge, exciting, terrifying, rewarding, and very different experience for me. It involved a transformation from English language teacher to business woman. I am handing on my little business now and returning to my former ESL profession. One can never really know where life will lead. Fabric boutiqueI closed my fabric boutique in March this year and moved all my stock and fittings into my home studio, having made a plan to move out of the business at the end of this year around November. The power of planning is great! I have what looks like an amazing job teaching English in China, starting 1st November! Lots of preparation to do before then, and this is the start of my new non-business blog, Silk Road Life. Fabric had to be included in the title somewhere – I’m just not ready to give it up altogether.

You will find me here if you’d like to follow and read my news and ramblings, Ann.

Bali Sunset Quilt, Ann Ferguson


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