Qian Huang College Garden

Oops! I accidentally posted this on a previous blog from my iPhone. It’s short. If you want to read on just click at the end and it will redirect you. Thanks for reading.

A Silk Road Life

The school I teach at has quite a pretty little garden. It’s generally very dusty and grimy like just about everything else in Changzhou.
There are varieties of flowering trees, ginkgos, and others, most of which I’ve only seen leafless or scantly clad because I arrived in Changzhou in autumn. There was a small cluster of trees whose leaves turned a marvelous shade of iridescent orange.

There are also some real holly bushes with berries on them because it’s winter. This is unusual for an Australian who has only ever seen holly a few times and never with berries at Christmas time.

This morning I arrived at school after a very chilly walk in -2 C degrees. The resilient tufted grass was white with frost. Amazingly the hardy camilias seem to thrive in this weather and are becoming more and more laden with flowers every day.


I’m hoping to…

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2 thoughts on “Qian Huang College Garden

  1. Ann, the colours are great. At the moment our gardens are soaky fromall the rain. When you walk under them after the rain has stopped they keep dropping. Hot and very humid, yesterday it was 98 per cent, it was like trying to breath under water. Kind regards Liz Corbett.

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  2. Thanks Liz! I originally blogged this by mistake from my iPhone onto another blog I’d set up but don’t use . I’m glad you found it here. I’m missing the wet season in Maleny a little bit – it’s been a loooooong winter as I came over here just as winter was ending in Aus. A.


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